The Trend Tracker


The Trend Tracker was born out of necessity. 

As Outsider Club has grown into a global financial publishing powerhouse, our number of premium publications and in-house experts has also grown. We’re grateful to be offering tens of thousands of readers access to premium investment and speculation across a wide range of market segments, from dividend stalwarts to private upstarts. 

And as our loom has fruited, so has the need for something to stitch it all together. The Trend Tracker is that thread. 

Trend Tracker is all about giving our premium members more access to our editors. That means filling in the cracks of what we’re seeing between monthly issues, video dispatches when we’re out on the road investigating new opportunities, and listen-in calls where you can submit your questions directly. 

Ever wondered why one editor is saying to buy a stock while another is saying to sell it? This is where we’ll explain our rationales. 

Want to know what an editor is buying or thinking between monthly issues? This is where we can express that. 

Wish you knew why one of our editors was jetting off here or there? In Trend Tracker we’ll send you short videos when traveling remotely so what opportunity we’re sniffing out and why.

And when we say more access, we mean it. The Trend Tracker will also put out weekly video discussions where we talk about market happenings and give you off-the-cuff insights into what we’re seeing and buying. 

Trend Tracker is a true backstage pass for our members of Outsider Club premium monthly publications. 

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