What to Buy Now

The bear is stirring. And why not? The scent of blood is in the air, after all. But now is when the biggest opportunities arise for the market.

By Jason Simpkins on May 20, 2022

Better Living Through Chemistry: Tesla Edition

About 87 years ago, one of the most successful advertising campaigns in history started. One that both captured and redefined the American zeitgeist.

By Adam English on May 19, 2022

The Highest-Grade Gold Mines in the World

There are several projects around the world that have the potential to become the next super-grade gold mine. But there's one in particular we should look at...

By Luke Burgess on May 18, 2022

Crypto Money Is Flooding the Stock Market

Bitcoin goes down in a blaze of glory... And with it comes upside volatility to the stock markets. Editor Alex Boulden has more about this development here.

By Alexander Boulden on May 16, 2022

I'm Not Worried About the Market — I'm Worried About THIS

In my line of work, we tend to fixate on numbers, line charts, and tables. So much so that it often distracts from the life around us, like this week...

By Jason Simpkins on May 13, 2022

43% May Be About to Miss Out

Many investors will stay entrenched on the sidelines, too nervous to act, looking "regretfully upon the closed door." We need to make sure that isn't us.

By Adam English on May 12, 2022

Resources and Reports

Investing in Cannabis Stocks

If you had the opportunity to invest in alcohol right before the end of prohibition, would you do it? The marijuana industry is very young, making this a pivotal moment for investing. Inside we explain the method to the madness and why investing in marijuana could prove to be extremely lucrative.

Investing In CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrency is the future of currency and investor’s are taking full advantage. This next generation of currency is faster, safer, and more convenient. They’re decentralized, which means they’re not subject to the whim or credit of a government. They’re independent of central banks. They can’t be traced or devalued.

Artificial Intelligence & Facial Recognition: The Multi-Trillion Dollar Market of the (Not-So-Far) Future

Facial recognition and artificial intelligence have combined to create a new biometric software experts are calling "Stealth ID." Here's how forward-thinking investors are getting ahead of the herd...

Investing in Psychedelics

As more cities embrace psychedelics, it's only time before companies in the industry become red hot. But are you prepared for the psychedelic boom?
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