The Best of the "Ask JP Morgan" Twitter Fiasco

"As a young sociopath, how can I succeed in finance?"

Written by Jimmy Mengel
Posted November 19, 2013

I do wonder what JP Morgan was thinking when -- fresh off a record $13 billion dollar fine for a slew of illegal activities -- they took to Twitter to ask this question:

What career advice would you ask a leading exec at a global firm? Tweet a Q using #AskJPM

As you can imagine, the Twittersphere went berserk and berated the mega-bank with more colorful insults then they could handle. Here's a small sampling:

  • How much blood do your executives consume on a monthly basis? #AskJPM
  • I have Mortgage Fraud, Market Manipulation, Credit Card Abuse, Libor Rigging and Predatory Lending AM I DIVERSIFIED? #AskJPM
  • At what number of Billions of Dollars in fines will it no longer be profitable to run your criminal enterprise #AskJPM 
  • Do you have a secret jail in your offices so your executives get at least one chance to see the inside of one? #AskJPM 

The results were like watching a high-speed train wreck -- so much so that they had to cancel the event...

jp morgan tweet

Have a look at some of the highlights, read by American Greed's Stacy Keach...and a puppet for extra hilarity.

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